Identifying the Best Schools for You

Identifying The Best Schools for You

4 Advantages Of Online Colleges For Military Members

by Audrey Wilson

College can help people expand their minds, learn new trades, and earn professional certificates. People who choose to serve in the military have unique responsibilities, but they can still go to college to earn their degrees while in the service. Online colleges are a fantastic resource for people serving in the military in any capacity. Here are four advantages of online colleges for military members.

1. Spend more time with your kids.

Many people in the military choose to start families with their spouses. Kids require a lot of time, and it can be hard to find enough time to spend with your children when you're working and going to school. Learning from home is an excellent way to increase the amount of time you have to devote to your children. When you take online classes, you can also supervise your kids while your spouse goes to work or performs other errands outside the home.

2. Transfer your existing credits.

Some people choose to start their college careers at their local community college. Community colleges can be a great resource, offering classes to state residents at a low price. However, military service members must often move for their work. Many people are unable to finish their college degrees in one place. Instead of enrolling at a new physical university, military members can choose to enroll in an online university. Online universities allow people to transfer their eligible credits from other colleges, which can help people graduate on time.

3. Complete your classes remotely.

Remote classes allow people to live and work anywhere while still completing their degree. This is great news for active duty service members who may only be stationed in a certain location for a year or two. Remote classes also allow students to attend classes without having to commute to campus. This can be especially important for people in the military who are likely to be tired from their military duties during the day.

4. Take advantage of scholarships for military members.

The U.S. military offers many forms of financial aid for active-duty soldiers and veterans. However, scholarships can make university educations even more affordable. Online universities that cater specifically to military service members often offer military-specific scholarships. You may qualify for a scholarship based on your GPA and the branch of the military that you serve in. Available scholarships are one criterion that you can include in your search for an online university that suits your needs.


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