Identifying the Best Schools for You

Identifying The Best Schools for You

Is Your Child Hesitant About College? A Consultant Can Help

by Audrey Wilson

Is your child struggling with the idea of going on to higher education? Some teens and young adults make the decision to eschew a college degree for a variety of reasons even though their parents prefer they continue on with their education. If your family faces this challenge, help might come from a lesser-known source: a college consultant.

How can a private counselor help your student resolve their concerns about college? Here are a few common scenarios.

1. A Student Who Doesn't Know What to Study

Trying to pick a career to invest completely in when you're just a high school student can be daunting. A consultant has various diagnostic tools to help match the student's strengths and weaknesses with good major and career options. They can also help the family look at earning potential and career opportunities within these fields.

2. A Student Who Worries About Passing

College workloads are generally more involved and intimidating than high school classes. What if your child worries about being able to do the work and get good grades? A counselor is versed not only in matching the aptitudes of a student with a degree course but is also familiar with programs to help students with study challenges. This includes things like tutors, programs for disadvantaged students, mentor arrangements, and student groups. 

3. A Student Who Doesn't See the Value

Some young people may not fully appreciate the lifetime value of going to the extra work for a degree now. In this case, a college consultant may be able to compare and contrast the career options in various fields with those for individuals without a degree. For those more interested in pursuing their passions, learning more about classes and outside opportunities can help pique the student's interest in what they gain out of the experience. 

4. A Student Who Is Afraid of the Cost

College degrees are not cheap, and some people may be reluctant to undertake the expense. If anyone in your family faces this fear, the consultant can help you learn more about ways to finance school. They can help you find out more about scholarship opportunities, understand student lending options, and brainstorm ways to save money with particular school choices. 

5. A Student Who Isn't Ready to Leave Home

Although most young adults are eager for the life experience of college education, not everyone is ready to leave the nest. When you frankly discuss your concerns with a private counselor, they can help alleviate worries. This might range from learning about student communities to finding the best school within a short drive from home. 

The goal of every college consultant is to match each student with the right educational goals and institutions. So even if your child has reservations about the entire college process, a consultant may be able to help them see beyond these concerns. Learn more by contacting a consultant business, such as Optimum Ed, in your area today.  


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Identifying The Best Schools for You

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